Google filters

Today I was looking for an old ActiveBPEL Designer. Just try the following query : activebpel designer intitle:"index of"
Surprise !! Their filter prevents me to use that query... simply remove a word a it works...

Parlons d'Ampoules

Selon le Criirem, les ampoules basses consommation serait potentiellement dangereuses pour la santé. Comme si leurs prix ne suffisait pas !
Petit calcul rapide (Facture EDF de 2008) :

  • Une ampoule de 100W allumée 4h par jours coute environ 12€ par ans en electricité, 1€ à l'achat (kW/h sur ma facture à 0,08€).
  • Une ampoule de 15W (Basse consommation) dans les mêmes conditions coute 1,8€ par ans, 15€ à l'achat.
Sur le plan économique, il parait donc intéressant sur une période de 2 ans d'acheter des ampoules basse consommation, pour des ampoules fréquemment utilisées. Écologiquement, il faudrait n'utiliser plus que ce type d'ampoules, mais c'est un vrai luxe. En plus ça peut être dangereux pour la santée ;-)

Mon Beau Sapin : Site de BD à visiter, les nombre de visiteurs est comptabilisé jusqu'à fin Décembre et convertit en argent pour la croix rouge.

Ca va couper !

Si seulement ce n'était qu'une blague...

La loi HADOPI, prise de position par l'UFC Que Choisir

Apache2 webdav Userdir based file server preventing authenticated user to access other's directories

Today I've setted up a server which purpose is to give its users access to their personal files using WebDav. Unfortunately, as soon as a user is authenticated, the server gives him the right to access any other user's file. This can't be prevented the right way without patching. Let's do it the wrong way ;-)

For this to work, I've used mod_rewrite. The trick consists in always rewritting the requested URI, to make it point to the remotely connected user's directory, using the REMOTE_USER variable. One cannot simply compare the value of that variable with the URI, the RewriteRule and RewriteCond simply can't support such a comparison.

To prevent Apache from applying that rule recursively, I've used to [NS] flag. However, this flag is not effective into the <directory> tags. Thus, this rule needs to be applyed to the whole vhost. The consequence is that the user still believes he is browsing another user's directory, although he really is browsing his.

I anyone has a better solution :

UserDir disabled root
UserDir /home/*/
RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{LA-U:REMOTE_USER} !^$
RewriteRule /[^/]*/(.*) /~%{LA-U:REMOTE_USER}/$1 [NS]

Olivier’s Blog

Administration is pain. At first it's fun, then it becomes really boring, and you look for a way to get rid of this pain. I've became bored of Wordpress because my theme could not be easily ported to the newer version which I had to install. So here I come to blogger, integrated to my brand new domain name,
Enjoy !

Souterrains de Clermont

Reportage sur une partie des souterrains de Clermont, place de la victoire, que les historiens voient comme les vestiges d'un ancien forum :
Souterrains Place de la Victoire - Mairie de Clermont-Ferrand

Top 3 World’s Most Expensive Beer

Read on.

Protect your telomeres with pills

An anti-stress pill that prevents your body from aging.

Je suis atteint...

Using Google App Engine to generate RSS from Google Code Hosting

I've recently been accepted to try out the new Google service, App Engine. At the same time, I was facing a problem with my Google Code project, Teardrop, which doesn't support RSS syndication for downloads, which means that you can't use an RSS aggregator to get the latest downloads from a Google Code project. This is why I wrote a very simple application, that generates a RSS 2.0 feed from the download page of my project, and returns an RSS 2.0 formatted document. Here is the code for that (This is my first real Python application, no doubts there are better way to code it.

Premium flash exploit

This is an awesome successful exploit brought to us as a research paper, but well explained here.


Enjoy this brand new Monopoly version... World domination by Google!

Soyez Aware !

South park studios

The South Park episodes are now freely and legally available online. Even the latest episodes from season 12 are available. This site is a joined effort of Comedy Central and MTV networks. Enjoy !

IBM Buzzwords Bingo

SMS gratuits sans inscription


Slow water bombs

Acid3 Test

A few days ago, came out Internet Explorer 8 Bêta that finally succeeds the Acid2 Test... But today just came out the Acid3 Test. There a currently no web browser that pass that test successfully.

Projets pour le stade Gabriel Montpied (Clermont-ferrand, FRANCE)


An interesting site to get every figures you always dreamt of !

Australian linux conference

The Australian linux conference has its presentations available online. Videos can be downloaded in OGG format.

Three parents

British researchers creates a human embryo from two women and a men.
Reuters (en)
Reuters (fr)

Web services conferences and related in 2008

  • ICDE: International Conference on Data Engineering, 7-12 April 2008, Cancún

  • SWWS: International Conference on Semantic Web and Web Services, 14-17 July 2008, Monte Carlo Resort Las Vegas

  • WEBIST: Web Information Systems and Technologies, 4-7 May 2008, Funchal

  • ICIW: International Conference on Internet and Web Applications and Services, 8-13 June 2008, Athens

  • ICWE: International Conference on Web Engineering, 14-18 July 2008, New York

  • NWeSP: International Conference on Next Generation Web Services Practices, 18-20 August 2008

  • VLDB: Very Large Data Bases, 24-30 August 2008, Auckland

  • WISE: Web Information Systems Engineering, 1-4 September 2008, Auckland

  • ICWS: The IEEE International Conference on Web Services, 23-26 September 2008, Beijing

  • ER: International Conference on Conceptual Modeling, 20-23 October 2008, Barcelona

  • BDA: Bases de données avancées, 21-24 October 2008, Guilherand-Granges

  • ICSOC: International Conference on Service Oriented Computing, 1-5 December 2008, Sydney