Projets pour le stade Gabriel Montpied (Clermont-ferrand, FRANCE)


An interesting site to get every figures you always dreamt of !

Australian linux conference

The Australian linux conference has its presentations available online. Videos can be downloaded in OGG format.

Three parents

British researchers creates a human embryo from two women and a men.
Reuters (en)
Reuters (fr)

Web services conferences and related in 2008

  • ICDE: International Conference on Data Engineering, 7-12 April 2008, Cancún

  • SWWS: International Conference on Semantic Web and Web Services, 14-17 July 2008, Monte Carlo Resort Las Vegas

  • WEBIST: Web Information Systems and Technologies, 4-7 May 2008, Funchal

  • ICIW: International Conference on Internet and Web Applications and Services, 8-13 June 2008, Athens

  • ICWE: International Conference on Web Engineering, 14-18 July 2008, New York

  • NWeSP: International Conference on Next Generation Web Services Practices, 18-20 August 2008

  • VLDB: Very Large Data Bases, 24-30 August 2008, Auckland

  • WISE: Web Information Systems Engineering, 1-4 September 2008, Auckland

  • ICWS: The IEEE International Conference on Web Services, 23-26 September 2008, Beijing

  • ER: International Conference on Conceptual Modeling, 20-23 October 2008, Barcelona

  • BDA: Bases de données avancées, 21-24 October 2008, Guilherand-Granges

  • ICSOC: International Conference on Service Oriented Computing, 1-5 December 2008, Sydney